In our debut episode of ARTIST SPOTLIGHT, we checked in with up and coming Brooklyn, Indie Rock artist “Tattoo Money”. Not to discuss music but the relationships that surround it and the challenges that are hard to avoid. With guest appearances by A-sarr and Majestic, the boys break down what sucks, what’s great and any advice about having a relationship and dating while chasing the music dream!


Our follow up to “Are Pretty Girls Crazy?” with our own Dr. Sky. Check her out as she breaks it down to a fine powder the exact mental make up of a pretty girl!

Are Pretty Girls Crazy?
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It’s been our belief after tales of countless experiences with guys we’ve come across that maybe… just maybe, there’s  a correlation with the worst relationships they’ve had with how pretty the girl was. Maybe theres a theme, “The prettier the crazier”. So we decided to drop by campus of the lovely Adelphi University and get some hardcore, off the cuff opinions and try and put some facts to this theory.







10. Fast Food Spot… (Don’t be lame…. Unless he or she SPECIFICALLY asked for it)

9. The Movies… (Save these dates for when you’re already sick of each other. Can’t hear or see your date. Limited interaction)

8. Chill With Your “Peoples”… (Wrong on so many levels. If they are jerks, your character comes into question. Plus he or she doesn’t know you much more then them so watch out for the bail and switch!!!)

7. Popping In A Porno
… (This better have had been the current topic at the time or you have some world class stones to pull this one!!!)

6. Going To An Unknown Artist Showcase Or Watching You Perform Or Play A Sport And You Suck… (Why risk this? It’s going to be loud and most likely ALL of the bands are going to suck and so will you. Wait until you don’t have to introduce yourself)

5. Go To Pick Up Your Check
… (Looks like you need it to function that night)

4. Run Errands
… (Seriously?)

3. Church
… (Don’t be a cult member)

2. Invite Them To Your House Because You Can’t Find A Babysitter
… (Looks very desperate and can be extremely awkward for a 1st date to be introduced to kids)

1. Pull Your Thing Out
… (Unless the date went south hours ago… Then you might wanna go for it)



Maybe that headline grabbed your attention but actually we don’t condone “beating” your child. We actually are here more to educate about the difference between “spanking” and “beating”. “Beating” is a very harsh word and action in the literal sense and quite frankly is abuse but “SPANKING” on the other hand is just down right necessary at times especially with some of these young heathens roaming Toys R Us and your local grocery store. And most parents today don’t know the difference. Let’s acknowledge a few things first; physical discipline towards children has been slowly eradicated and labeled more taboo than ever as society has progressed over the past 50 years or more and rightfully so being it is very hard to explain moderation to a mass public. It’s very hard to say “Never spank your kids unless…” and have everyone uniformly understand the exceptions. That’s what we are here for. To be honest with you parents are getting softer by the generation discipline wise and with kids it’s causing an all time high and sophistication with bullying, entitlement, lack of social skills, promiscuity, lack of institutional respect and violent and criminal behavior. Let’s be honest, some of these kids are going to grow up to be downright assholes and we can’t sit by and watch you raise one.

Parents today can be over-educated and believe hitting their child bears no results. Parents especially first timers also may not be able to bear with causing pain to their child, making them cry and may even be afraid of alienating or losing some love but here are some things you may want to think about:

1- LOVE, FEAR & RESPECT– As a parent you MUST have a healthy mix of love, fear and respect. There is a such thing as “loving your child to death”, a kid can not be raised on love alone. Children test there boundaries as they age to see what they can get away with, it’s only natural. You as parents are judge jury and executioner, you have to lay down the law, set limits and make it known there is level you aren’t afraid to go to. Some of the best law abiding citizens we have started out with a healthy fear of mom and dad. Some actions are so dangerous to a kid’s well being that they are not aware of at an early age. You HAVE to correlate a consequence as harsh as they’ve ever had that will register with them in the future. For example; a child playing with an electric socket, hitting another child, throwing things or disrespecting elders. All actions that may warrant a swift physical repercussion.


2- TIMING IS EVERYTHING– WHEN are you spanking your kid? Knowing the right “no-no” that warrants a spanking can not be stressed enough as well as the amount of spankings you’re dolling out in total. The last thing you want is for your kid to be scared to the point where they think anything they do will end up with a slap. Remember, the balance of love, fear and respect is delicate. You have to have the awareness of a situation, knowing that a certain action actually warrants a spanking. Ideally something immediately dangerous or socially unacceptable behavior like violence or disrespect towards elders. Timing is also critical in the sense of what AGE are you spanking your kid? Typically a child 1.5 years or younger wouldn’t be able to correlate the physical discipline with the action. The child has to be at an age where they fully understand your communication, verbal commands and warnings. Children get to an age where they will purposely go against your commands to test your limits and 95% of the time constant verbal reinforcement and communication IS the answer. You have to pick your spots very, very carefully.


3- EXECUTION– Exactly how are you laying your hands upon your precious munchkin? Here again is a very, very tricky situation that needs proper execution. Hit a child too hard and it overbears the action, not to mention stepping into the realm of actual abuse. Hit a child too soft and you lose the whole opportunity not to mention risking your child losing respect for future threats or spankings and that’s the last thing you want. The point is to more so inject fear and shock than to cause pain. Here is a critical rule; Ideally you want to avoid the face. Hitting a child or anyone for that matter in the face is inherently different from somewhere else on the body. Hitting your child in the face in my opinion is degrading and that’s what you want to avoid. You definitely want to make good contact but don’t injure your child please. Also try as hard as you can to not embarrass your child by spanking in front of people, sometimes this is absolutely impossible to avoid being kids can embarrass YOU in public in an instance but do what you can. Also you ALWAYS, ALWAYS LOOK YOUR KID IN THE EYE AND TALK VERY AGGRESSIVELY. This is very important to assert yourself with eye contact as you would an adult with a very serious tone. Respect the situation.


4- ULTIMATE CHASER– Maybe the biggest part of this whole theory is the chaser. It is imperative to make sure you do not carry any anger past the spanking, children really pick up on that. The anger is for the moment and your very next interaction has to hit the reset button on your emotions. Back to your previous tone, back to showing love and back to normal. You can not underestimate how that helps a child understand the situation and realize you aren’t Kim Jong Il in the flesh. There is no need to deny your child food or be angry for the entire day, separate the discipline from your overall bonding. Keep the communication ongoing about why it is such a bad thing to do what they have done in a more loving tone following up. They will greatly appreciate you.


It is critical to set this kind of discipline as soon as possible, picking up and deciding to spank your disobedient child 6 years in will cause nothing but more problems. You will not be taken seriously and at that point it may be too late. Your child has to know from the earliest age possible how far you MAY take it. The whole idea is to have that thought in the back of their head to actually avoid future spankings. Have your child be the one who turns down that invite to go cut class and smoke a fat blunt. Sure it sounds tempting but if they can imagine that “all time” ass whooping coming, they will absolutely think twice and respectfully decline. Believe me it works.
You can not be the parent who’s child is the one causing chaos in school. You can not be the parent who’s child is uncontrollable in the cereal isle. You can not be the parent who’s child is cursing at adults because that’s what he does to you. It’s your responsibility to not put that degenerate into society at any cost. Raise ’em right or die trying!! We as a society do not want to have to clean up the mess. Kid’s like that end up getting taught harsh lessons in the streets and you don’t want that.



Guys are simple, you hear that all the time but it’s true. But don’t think of stupidness like “feed me” “fuck me” “shutup” or however it goes. We will break it down to what is absolutely non-arguable when it comes to striking a guy or any one for that matter, right in the heart…

1- Appreciate Any And Everything Your Man Does For You– Guys absolutely respect and love when a woman appreciates something, ANYTHING he does for his girl. Your average guy shows gestures of affection more often than some girls will acknowledge, but when a woman shows appreciation for even the smallest thing a guy does for her, it makes him want to double the next investment, the next gesture. And those type of situations lead to a better bond between you. And that’s priceless.

2- Always Stay Sexy And In Shape– It’s hard to say this but it has to be said… As long as the guy is blue blooded, straight, sane, breathing, functional, sober (or inebriated), sexually active and/ or over ****teen they are just going to sneak peeks at other woman!!! Ladies just have to get past that. As long as its not an obvious disrespectful stare, you’ve got to let it slide. Because a guy who is truly content, happy and satisfied will say this in his head; “Damn she’s hot, but look what I’ve got”. As long as he’s a healthy human being the opposite sex SHOULD turn him on but when a man is honestly and fully attracted to his girl she will always be enough to satisfy him. Now more than just physical attraction, working out is about health overall. Besides inspiring your partner, the respect you have for your partner to stay in shape, look good and live longer goes a huge way. And yes it works both ways.

3- Be Interested In His Passions– There’s just not enough that can be said for this. So many woman are confused about where to find a guys weakness but there’s nothing better than becoming his friend. A true bond is made when a guy can look at his woman not only for sex but as a close friend. There has to be a level of respect and friendship. Every guy has a passion, something that drives him career wise or other. And if said guy was lucky enough to have a woman who is genuinely interested and supports him in that aspect of his life will be eternally cherished. These are facts.

So there you have it. The three absolute and definitive key factors a woman needs to understand when trying to KEEP a man. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule and some of you girls’ boyfriends may not deserve that level of attention but if that’s the case why are you with him?!…

Whether its a rainy day with your boo or the first time at your place with your new “Boo” (Home Game), here are the top 10 funniest flicks to put on and set the ambiance right. Here is our Top 10 Funniest Movies in no particular order. Grab a few cocktails, some herbal refreshments and thank us later. If whomever you’re with doesn’t dig most of these movies, he or she probably isn’t the one… Just saying

Talladega Nights- As much as I love Will Ferrel, I didn’t have high expectations for this movie until I saw it by accident and found out it’s actually one of the funniest mvies of all times. You can tell the director went through great lengths to capture the essence of NASCAR life and play on the stereotypes. Extremely smart, well directed and hilarious.


Coming To America- Maybe the most quoted and mocked movie of all times from rap songs to casual conversations, this movie is still a staple in comedic vernacular over 2 decades later. Eddie Murphy was in his prime playing multiple characters to perfection. Whether it was the fact they chose to film in Queens, NY, the horrible African (almost Jamaican) accents or the All Star cast that lent a hand, this is a movie that will forever be out of control funny. Truly before it’s time.

Friday- The original. Like none other. What can you really say about this movie that hasn’t already been said. I mean really, have you ever met anyone that HASN’T thought this movie was the funniest thing that ever happened in life? This movie was so epic it was almost an event. When people talk about Friday they actually reference where they were and how they saw it. I wonder if Ice Cube and the producers actually knew what they were making when it was all said and done.

Grandma’s Boy- A movie that 90% of people have actually never heard of. This is a true pothead’s movie but all will enjoy because the characters in it are unbelievably funny. There are parts of this will literally have you losing your breath. If for anything watch it for J.P.

There’s Something About Mary- I’m a tough movie critic especially with very popular ones because more than not the general public is easily entertained and swayed so like sports gambling you usually bet the other way. But this is a movie that was highly popular, I saw it late and not only did it live up to the hype but I had it top 3 all time funny. This movie is pure genius beggining to end. This is one of those flicks where the producers and directors could have never made another movie ever again and would have been living legends. Can’t stress enough how funny this movie is.

Payback- Obviously not a comedy… Or is it? It’s a rare half and half movie, an action/ comedy at the same time and don’t let anyone tell you different. One of the most underrated films ever (like most Mel Gibson flicks), it’s like James Bond and Beverly Hills Cop rolled into one. This is one of those movies that you can’t understand why it didn’t get 10x the press. You end up telling everyone to add it to the collection.

Who’s The Caboose- I love Sarah Silverman so one night searching for stuff she’s been in I came across this. A mock-umentary about up and coming comedians from NY trying to break into the business over in Hollywood and all of the shadyness that comes with it. As you can see on the cover it’s critically acclaimed and deservently so. Dead funny and super smart, this is top notch right here, a must watch.

Meet The Parents- I honestly have this number 1 on my personal list of all time funny. It’s just unreal how funny this movie is, Ben Stiller will go down as an all time great because of this and There’s Something About Mary alone. Don’t know how he hit a homerun twice and for someone who I have no knowledge of having any comedic background like stand-up. Not that I know of at least. If you’ve never seen this for whatever reason consider yourself lucky to be a first time watcher.

Jackass- I don’t know, maybe some of you men or women just find this stuff disturbing, gross and immature to say the least but keep in mind they’re doing it for your entertainment. Laugh at why, laugh at how much THEY get a kick out of it, laugh at the poor saps observing it in real time and think about the fact that one day these guys did this for free and now look… God bless America.

Do The Right Thing- This is another one not intended to be a comedy but it creates some of the most funny movie moments in history. Spike Lee made his bones with films like this which captured the essence of NYC living by almost dropping you in the middle of it ongoing and from that you soak in all aspects of real NYC life from the racism, youth, love and music. This is an important film all around.

Cheating: The Aftermath
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Most people wouldn’t tolerate a cheater but what about those that forgave and forgot? Potentially one of the most awkward situations to be in. I personally think if you cheat that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t love your partner but the damage is done. And what about those that come forward because of guilt? Does that speak volume? We hit the streets of Queens, New York and asked people about their experience and as usual it got very funny very fast…

Sex Holiday
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2/13… Blog Of  Love TV petitions for the National Bunz Awareness day. Or NBA if you will.

With all the criminals and crazies running around the world today; rapists, murderers, robbers, nerds, introverts, assholes, flat out weirdos and Sarah Palin, we here at BOL TV spent years investigating, deliberating, pondering, and probing (pause) how to make the country a better place and have came to the conclusion that women indeed may have the power to change the world AND just might be the superior gender.

It’s a scientific fact in my opinion that 99.9% of guys’ social awkwardness and overall shortcomings are due to a lack of “skins” or “bunz” (as I prefer to call them). Thus leading to abnormally high testosterone levels, pinned up aggression, violence, hair brain schemes, cock blocking, cuffing weak babes and liking the Miami Heat. All due to a lack of release. If that’s not enough to book a motel room in advance then consider the timing of the date. Strategically dated the day before Valentine’s day, National Bunz Awareness day in-effect puts more women in contention for Valentine’s gifts, dinner dates and “round twos” who may otherwise have not been getting anything. I’ve spoken with sources close to this issue and some quotes I’ve got were they in-fact consider this transaction of  Bunz “…an investment everyone can afford”.

Women nationwide probably didn’t realize how much of a difference they could make. Why not partake and help save the world? So when you are back on your daily grind, lean over your cubicle, head down to the mail room, pass a note in class or stop by your local auto repair shop and tell that n*gha you “tryna get it in” on the 13th!!! We urge women across the country on this day to use their vagina power for good and offer some of those hot cakes to a guy that’s less fortunate. Will you make YOUR contribution to your country? Show your patriotism? Or do you support the Taliban?

Spread the word as we petition for Feb. 13th and this holiday to be recognized and celebrated Nationwide.

Peace and blessings.


I hate to harp on this subject but these are some of the most crucial remarks in support of my idea of “commitment without marriage”. Once again, I am NOT against commitment, not even weddings to celebrate and commemorate relationships, just not the docs… But that’s another story. Susan Sarandon finally speaks months after her and Tim Robbins ended their 22 year relationship. Now I believe in my heart of heart’s I’ve made some of the strongest cases you could make to avoid getting hitched but Sarandon takes the cake!!!

Sarandon says in the interview…

“I thought that if you didn’t get married you wouldn’t take each other for granted as easily,” she told the Telegraph.

After so many years together, she suggested they had reached their limit:

“You bring people into your life at certain times. Maybe you have a relationship to have children and you realize that it’s fulfilled after that point.”

Wow!!!… To have the thought that being married might allow you take take your partner for granted shows an extreme amount of maturity and also shows a rare competitive spirit in the sense that there is no safety net. I believe you would approach your relationship differently if not married. Maybe you go the extra mile to keep your spouse knowing there’s no legal ramifications keeping you together. Knowing they are slightly closer to the single life. It’s an amazingly independent thought and perspective on something so woven into the fabric of the world’s society.

Full article on Yahoo.com

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